Here I am looking for a suitable corner to place my throw pillow, sit and play some underground music I got from Walter last week. There’s something about most underground hiphop artistes and their lyrics. Too much creativity. I’m set..so here we go…I hope you enjoy this read…

New week, new post, here goes… Life is interesting, sometimes you think you have it all figured out. You know, you have your plan in place and your goals all set, then suddenly life throws you a curve ball. In our case after the curve ball, we played along 🙂 I have to admit this was a different and interesting opportunity or else I will be lying. There we were in the car: Edwin,Walter and I straight outta Nairobi town, to have brunch in Limuru, the timing was perfect. I know you’re probably wondering why Limuru again, right? After our previous visit to Limuru ( post #3 ) we got a few leads on other neighbouring places so we just had to. So….on our way we spotted this resort, the last time we were there was for my best-friend’s/sister’s wedding. That was two years ago and so we decided to take a detour there to see how it looks before proceeding to our destination.

things we did together dhm-36

The name of the resort is Dinham resort garden and convention centre set in the plush country side of Tigoni, Limuru. This exclusive location boasts scenic views within a serene environment. We got there and trust me when I tell you we were amazed. The place had gone through tremendous change,it looked beautiful. We wanted to meet the manager so Walter called her and she said she’ll be there in a few minutes . As we waited, we took a walk round.(Dinham mobile: 0712248852)

things we did together dhm-40

Before us was the lush greenery, perfectly manicured lawns. An eco-friendly and exclusive resort perfect for solitary, social, romantic or family getaways as well as providing a scenic,peaceful yet stimulating experience with crisp clean air and ample space to roam. The place would be a perfect place to hold a party be it indoors or outdoors. It is also famous for cooperate luncheons, retreats and team building.

things we did together dhm-9

things we did together dhm-15

The Dinham gardens manager showed up and we got to interact with her, we mentioned to her how we loved the place and asked questions like what it took to manage not just a pretty garden, but a breathtaking, heart-stopping, sensationally gorgeous garden.The simple concept conveyed by her wise words was not new to our ears, except this time, finally, it hit us between the eyes with the force of a hockey puck. Hahaha! I shall share most of the things she said. Grab a notebook and a pen, we are about to go deep. 🙂 “Stick to your vision. Don’t let other people tell you that your ideas are bad, also remember that while ideas are important, it’s even more critical to have the right people in the right positions to execute them.Walk with people who understand your mission and vision then always be there to see progress. Avoid delegating and assuming everything will be fine. Always remember you are the holder of the idea, every single step counts.”She then mentions how even the small acts count a lot like being there when the sprinklers go on. “Actually in a few hours time, I‘ll be headed to the grounds to see the grass sprinklers go on. In everything you do to get exceptional results. At Dinham we do preventive maintenance, maintenance on the daily… Consistency is key. Each day is a new day to improve at Dinham. You start failing the minute you think to yourself..nimefika…” , she said. After the talk we proceeded to taking photos of the garden. We decided to take advantage of this 1st quarter of the year, the sunny days to loads of outdoor activities before the rainy season then we’ll be forced to do indoors.

things we did together dhm-14


We shall be sharing with you the rates of having a wedding here. For the other activities’ rates, feel free to check out their website: here

things we did together dhm-3

To have a wedding here, the grounds, back-up generator and security the fee is 100,000 kshs. Then they offer compulsory catering, the food price ranges from 550kshs, 800kshs and 1200kshs depending on the menu one pleases. If you plan to get married this year, this is a place you should consider. You should also note they have full packages for your occasions offering party tents,seat tables, with full decor for hire at very pocket friendly rates.

things we did together dhm-10

things we did together dhm-41

Now, this area here is where the wedding church ceremony happens,beautiful…huh!?  Look at that altar…:)

things we did together dhm-12

Then this is the catering area, we liked how it has ample space for people to queue for food and drinks.

things we did together dhm-19

The catering space also has a sink for people to wash their hands…haha, Walter kept splashing water at me.

things we did together dhm-17

Then the reception garden. It is huge, fits up to 500 guests. You know how we Kenyans love dancing round in a circle as we celebrate the newly weds…Dinham knows it too. 🙂

things we did together dhm-22

Look at this bridge that connects the three areas. 🙂

things we did together dhm-21

There are many  cool metallic sculptures…


things we did together dhm-51

Following are photos Edwin took of us and the place.

things we did together dhm-11

things we did together dhm-28

things we did together dhm-31

After the exploration we were sad to leave but we had to because we were too hungry. We never went to our planned destination but we shall someday. For this exploration didn’t spend. Directions below.

Till next week. See you!

things we did together dhm-33

To reach us:

Email: theexploringcouple@gmail.com

Facebook: Things we did together

Instagram: @Things_we_did_together

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Directions to Dinham Resort Gardens:

Here you go

Pointers: The road is generally okay from Nairobi to Ruaka Town(we used this route), after taking the right turn to the Banana Raini, There are some portholes here and there, the roughest part being at Banana town. It then gets better as you leave the town. A low clearance vehicle would easily do the route. Am out!

Photography: Edwin Mugwe IG:@edwinmugwe @hillcity_514                                                           Edits               : Walter Mangutha IG:@mangutha @hillcity_514

Behind the lens: Edwin making it happen!

things we did together dhm-54


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