Ever had those regret moments a day after going hiking when you can’t get yourself to literally stand up on your own two feet and luckily if you do, you suddenly feel like someone just cued some ‘katitu music’ and you can’t help but move because of how shaky your knees get? (no wonder the Katitu songs had titles like Safari ya Katitu it’s a journey on its own)…Well for us that was NOT the case,the views at Mt.Elgon just have a way of hugging all your hike problems away, stubbing those bad experiences to death and making ever minute worth the struggle. Honestly that was one way I wanted to start this post, the paragraph below is the other one. Please choose one and run with it.. 😉

Whatsup!! Don’t think I’m being charmingly self-deprecating when I say I was once overweight. I weighed 76kgs, all by myself, when I was 16 years. Yes, I kept thinking of it as ‘Shhh-Wit 16’ cos of how big I felt, never experienced sweet sixteen like most girls in that age do :-(.  There’s this time my high school class we went hiking on Mt.Longonot and as the class reporter told the assembly while reading out the trip report, “the big five didn’t make it to the top” and by the big five she meant the five obese kids in my school year. I was among them. I never made it to the top and ever since I have been refraining from mountain climbing like a plague, even after I had lost weight. Well, until recently when my family suggested we go mountain climbing to Mt.Elgon.

It was seven in the AM…my sisters,their men and my man (always wanted to say that) 🙂 had agreed to be setting off for an early morning hike. There we were in the van and I could literally hear my ventricular contractions, ‘what if I still don’t make it to the top?’, I kept thinking to myself. “Pumpkin, I see you all tensed up. Relax! It shall be well. This time shall be different”, Walter grabbed my hand and said. This person of mine just has a way of making me forget all my previous worries and start worrying about how fast my heart is beating. Thank God for good vibes. Just before we got to our stop, there was this ranch that the sun was boasting it’s shine on. shweet! hahaha! a sign of hope it was!


We started the hike at 8am. Of course, we had to warm-up first while facing the Endebess Bluff. Warm-up is important for mental preparation,increasing the body temperature and slowly preparing your body for what is to come. My brother-in-law(Mwas) and sister(Pauline) had done this before a number of times and so they knew the way up pretty well. This saved us some cash because we didn’t need a guide. It would cost us 3,000Kshs. Phew that felt smart, felt like I would be able to advise a dying bank 😀

things we did together-28

things we did together-27

Up we went, full of energy even some to spare for singing as we went up. It was no easy task, you can literally feel your energy going down as you go up. I don’t know about others but my motivation was that girl in high school who reported the big five didn’t make it to the top of Mt.Longonot . This was for the hard work I put towards losing weight.(Ok, TMI…as we proceed. Haha) One could feel the muscles at the back of the leg start to ache (gastrocnemius muscles, someone please tag my biology teacher)

things we did together-3

Half way there we all took a break, those that had sweaters on chucked them. We decided to leave them there and pick them on our way down because they felt too heavy to carry. We were the only ones hiking at least we knew they would be safe. *Digression alert*…this is for the ladies. I did my research before hiking and found out lipstick prevents lip-cracking and as you know when mountaineering or hiking,there’s no time to dehydrate your lips. So apply lipstick before you set off. It helped my sisters and I, a lot.

things we did together-4

Moving swiftly, the other half wasn’t as steep but there were rocks which made it easy to go up. Also towards the end that’s where thoughts of giving up start streaming in your head. You have to keep going. Dave(my brother-in-law) has been mountaineering for sometime now. He was way ahead of us and so by the time we were getting to the top we couldn’t see him. Everyone started calling out his name. Then we saw a light. Reminded us of Mr. Beaver’s Colgate ad. 😀 It was him looking through the binoculars.

things we did together-7

Oh the joy when Serah got to him.

things we did together-9

The view was amazing. It just had a way of changing the speech tones to low and smooth ones. Noone was told to loose the dragging walking and embrace graceful ones. it just came with the view. This is the first view you see when you get to the top.

things we did together-6

We couldn’t help but notice Mwas and Pauline dragging behind…

things we did together-8

Hehehe, they finally caught up with us.

things we did together-10

Once we were at the summit, I had renewed energy. As the other guys chilled, I decided to put the photography tips  had learnt from Walter into action.

things we did together-35-2

A photo of him looking through the binoculars. 🙂

things we did together-12

After a while Mwas and Pauline announced they had news to tell us. ‘ We are expectant’, they said together. That explained why they were dragging behind. Hahaha. Somebody pop a champagne bottle. 😀 hahaha… This was exciting news. Walter and Dave grabbed their cameras and turned place to a photoshoot location.

things we did together-17
Mwas checking out the baby bump from a distance


things we did together-18
goofing nini nini hahaha!

things we did together-13

elgon bluff-7
Don’t they look amazing?

We were so happy for them. The family is growing and we can’t wait to meet the newest member. 🙂

things we did together-16

elgon bluff-2


things we did together-11

Hahaha, I think these photos of Mwas and Liz jumping to the great news are pretty cool so I’ll just leave them here. 🙂things-we-did-together-38

things we did together-20

It was time for us to leave, go down the Endebess Bluff. Someone would think it is not high but after the view you get why it’s a bluff. There are two dry seasons. One is mid-December through March, and the other one is June and July. Trekking during the dry season is highly recommended. Lastly we took some sort of family potrait with a great backdrop 😀

things we did together-23

And of course a selfie of the Kiburu kids. Our big sister was missing. 😦

things we did together-24

We hope to be sharing with you some of the video footages Liz was taking…who knows…in a Youtube Channel (our dreams are valid!)

things we did together-15

When we got to our camping site, Joy and Asaph were happy to see us. They came running towards us. Walter captured every moment. We had left while they were sleeping.We got questions like, ‘where were you?’, ‘what did you do?’ We hope to go hiking with them when they grow up.  Who doesn’t love kids. 🙂

things we did together-1

We found my mum her friend cooking for us. Again! Bless them. The aromas invited baboons, they guys kept chasing them. I have no idea how the Ndoromos made it back when they used to live there with all the wild animals around(refer to #7). After eating the guys brought down the tents as the ladies packed the rest of the camp accessories to the van. When going to a place with baboons avoid supermarket polythene bags, they believe the contents will always be food, they nearly made away with one of ours. It was time to leave. Mt.Elgon was amazing! We shall be back…one day! Our budget for this day was catered for in our previous post number seven. Our next stop would be Kitale club for swimming. Talk about activity filled day. So apparently swimming excites the Mwangi’s this much! hahaha am just messing, we made them take this photo. This family jazzes our life! Once again, congratulations!

things we did together-29


We didn’t take a lot of photos here. We were there for an hour. I guess everyone was fatigued. The few photos we took some of us had left the pool.



Walter diving into the water…



And splaaaaashhh!!!


Kitale club has always been a chill out spot for the family. As always, they were good to us. On our next visit to Kitale we shall explore its every corner and share with you.It was time to leave.


On our way home (well, to Pauline’s and Mwas’ place), Mwas dared us to take a photo from a street set-up  studio. We thought why not? Kitale town, you were so good to us. Till next time. See you guys 🙂




All the amount we spent on this day has been included on our previous post(#7.) Check it out.


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