Oh my gosh! I can literally feel my fingers shake out of excitement. It’s been two months without blogging. We can explain. Go get your coffee first, it’s going to be an interesting read.

Where do I begin? Yaaaaasss!!! Two weeks to my exams, WE GOT ENGAGED! The video is up on our two months old YouTube Channel. I’m forever grateful for the amazing surprise. I honestly never saw it coming instead I remember thinking to myself that past week how people had been distant. My friends from school were avoiding me, my family members seemed to be too busy to talk, and It had been a minute since the last time I talked to my friends. I concluded everyone was busy making ends meet only to later find out people were avoiding me just so they don’t burst the bubble before the right time. I’m super grateful for friends, family and the love of my life. Blessings upon blessings.


After our engagement I needed to compose myself in time to get ready for my exams which went on for a month. By the time I was done with my papers, Walter was on a tight work schedule, working on deadline after deadline. All in all, we are grateful for this opportunity to share with you one of our latest exploration. Shall we get started?

Have you ever dreamt you’ve buffed the grill, iced down cold drinks and stocked up on every imaginable condiment…then vum! You wake up? This has to be the worst feeling ever! I woke up craving tasty, juicy and well done grilled meat. I told Walter and he was feeling me trust me these thoughts lit our way because he hadn’t eaten nyama choma in a long while. He was game. Perfect time to play ‘Favor by Ambassador featuring Canton Jones’. Hahahaha. Walter says he’ll pass by in an hour’s time to come pick me up.

Walter is familiar with Kajiado County. On the way he explains among other things that its wards are best known to have the some of the best meat joints with affordable cuts and whole brisket. He was tired of the same meat joints and had gotten some information on a  place to try out from our friend Edwin. Our accomplice, Edwin is also quite conversant with the area and suggested a place called Olooseos for it’s grilled meat quality.


Some knowledge about Olooseos Adventures and Resort. It’s a biodiversity park dedicated to connecting people with nature. They offer an indigenous space for outdoor events. It is located on the scenic foot hills of the Ngong Hills, about 40km south of Nairobi in Corner Baridi, off Magadi road, just 6km past Kiserian town. Trust us, it’s one of the best places to escape the hustle and bustle of the Nairobi city, just to relax in the beautiful surroundings.



If using public transport from Nairobi, take a 126 at railways, costs you about 100 bob each. Alight at Kiserian and a few meters away, you can see some proboxes, ask which goes through Corner Baridi, alight at corner Baridi, fare is 50/- each. Where you alight on your left, you will see their green sign post. Walk about 1.3km.thingwedidtogether-10

We got there at around 1pm and the reception was quite warm, we needed the especially with the gloomy weather.


First thing our food orders were taken then we were given an orientation of the location. Following are the rates for the different services they offer: Picnic sites if you so wish to bring your snacks/lunch or choose a meal from their a la carte menu and their chef’s amazing nyama choma or fry goat. The prices are 800/- for a kilo of meat. The rest you can find below in the rates.

Activities & Rates:


1. Picnic/retreat- 200/- per adult (kids between 3-12 years pay 100/-)
2. Team-building – 5,000/- for every 20 people with own facilitation (facilitation provided by OAR upon request)


3. MEALS – Nyama choma – 800/- per kilo. Chips – 150/-, soda/water – 50/-, Ugali – 50/-, kachumbari- 50/-


4. Camping on Single Occupancy – 1,000/- per person inclusive of tent, mattress and duvets, and a bonfire.


5. Camping on double occupancy – 750/- per person inclusive tent, mattress, duvets and a bonfire.
6. Camping with own tent- 500/- per person

7. Others are bush wedding, events venue, bird-watching, nature trails, photography, biking, and hiking

Meanwhile Sophia (the lady who received us) showed us round the resort. They have a camp site, different sitting benches and our two favorite… a swinging chair and a hammock which face the breathtaking scenery.


Hahahaha, Walter enjoyed the hammock a lot, I think at some point he dozed off. I had to poke him from beneath to wake up. Hahaha! 😀


Off-course I had a great time swinging and taking in the view. Oh! My days…


Our meal was later served, we had 1kg of Nyama choma, Ugali and Kachumbari. Their meat was soft, tender and juicy. For the next few days I kept reminiscing about that meal. Those are the type of memories everyone should have. It cost us 1,100 bob.


Walter’s energy after eating was pumped, he enjoyed a one lap bike ride.


Meanwhile I talked to the Marketing Executive to find out about the history of the resort. Following is what she had to say:

In the year 2014, the land on which Olooseos Adventures and Resort stands was nothing but an expansive wasteland. The soil had been heavily eroded by successive massive down pours of rainfall, leaving behind bear soil, rocks and boulders. The barren land was overgrazed by animals roaming on the plains in such of pastures. The birds, insects and other flora and fauna had majorly lost their habitat; some died while others moved away to seek for better homes.The owners (who had bought the land from a Maasai family over ten years ago) woke up to the reality of how sinful this wasteland was. God has given us a clear mandate to take care of his creation. When we fail to do so, it is nothing short of sin.A Rocha Kenya volunteered to walk with the Mbaabu family in their effort to restore the land. The 18 acres of land was fenced and named Olooseos. Within one rainy season, the bio diversity began to re-emerge. Varieties of plants, birds, butterflies, insects and other forms of life are now blossoming. Olooseos is quickly becoming a wonderland, ready for adventure, learning and fun. Under the slogan “connecting people with nature”, Olooseos Adventures & Resort is a family run enterprise that will be welcoming individuals and groups to use the facility any time of the year.

Of course we took a photo with the Marketing Director, Sophia Tiro.


It was time for us to leave. Olooseos we shall be back, God willing with our friends. We had a great time. We took a final photo with our partner in crime, Edwin.


See you next week amazing people. Be sure to check out the Olooseos video


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